On February 7th, 2024 we moved our website to a new host to improve site speed, accessibility, and to start offering more features to our visitors and customers. During the move, the order of some of our old blog posts was disordered. Going forward, all new blog posts will be in correct order. 

Stop Chasing Wins: Build a Trading Process That Works for You

I. Introduction Imagine you just closed out a winning trade. Feeling like a market wizard, you jump right back into the next trade, eager to repeat...

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Journal Review #5

We had a lot of fun with this journal review and the way this Edgewonk customer keeps his Edgewonk trading journal is the perfect example of why a...

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Journal Review #4

What do you do when your trading strategy is providing consistently losing results? A lot of traders are then tempted to give up on their strategy...

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Are Your Wins Just Luck? Unveiling the Power of Big Data in Trading

Have you ever scrapped your entire trading strategy after a single losing trade, or convinced yourself a new approach is brilliant based on just a...

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Trading Journal Review

Journal Review #3

We had a lot of fun going through this user's journal. Analyzing it was especially interesting because the trader also reached out to us with some...

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From Guesses to Gains: The 4-Step Feedback Loop for Consistent Profits

Imagine consistently profiting from the markets, not through luck, but through a method you've developed and continuously improved. That's the power...

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