The Edgewonk trading journal makes every trade count.
The all-in-one trading journal that shows traders how to improve their performance.
Automatically import your trades and create a winning trading strategy.
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Edgewonk Features

Edgewonk is your complete trading journal

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Identify winning strategies


Your trading data comes alive with clear and easy-to-understand charts and graphs that provide actionable insights.

Gain immediate clarity on your strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Edgewonk reveals your winning strategies so that you can leverage your strengths.


Turn losses into lessons


Every loss holds valuable lessons. Edgewonk helps you analyze losing trades to understand the "why" behind them. This knowledge empowers you to avoid repeating mistakes and make smarter decisions in the future. 

No more guesswork – identify the specific behaviors or strategies that are keeping you from becoming a profitable trader.


Optimize your trades


Tired of cutting winners short and letting losses run? Edgewonk analyzes every trade to pinpoint your exit fallacies and optimize entry/exit points.

With advanced analytics and personalized insights, you'll make data-driven decisions to maximize your edge and achieve consistent trading success.


Customize your journal


Every trader is unique, and Edgewonk reflects that.

Our fully customizable journal lets you track the data that matters most to your strategy, filter and analyze trades from any angle to find hidden patterns, and adapt your journal as you evolve.

No matter your trading style or experience, Edgewonk empowers you to create a personalized journal that perfectly complements your journey.


What is Edgewonk?

Edgewonk is an online trading journal with all the analytics, automation, and features a trader needs to analyze and improve their trading.

The Edgewonk trading journal empowers traders to better their trading faster by focusing on what matters most: making money. 


Import your trades

Edgewonk supports hundreds of brokers and platforms.

We make importing your trades as seamless as possible. It only takes a few seconds.


Analyze your trades

Edgewonk analyzes not just your trades, but also your trading behavior.

Identify emotional biases and optimize your approach for greater control.


Trade better

By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, Edgewonk empowers you to make smarter trading decisions and achieve your trading goals.

All traders love Edgewonk

Edgewonk is used by traders from all around the world, from beginner to professional. 

The Edgewonk trading journal adapts to your needs and is fully customizable. 

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Perfect fit for every trader

Edgewonk works for all traders and adapts to your needs.


All Markets

Edgewonk works for Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades.

All Currencies

We support over 40 currencies and you can even track your account in cryptocurrency.

All Styles

Edgewonk supports day-trading and swing-trading alike. Easily track all trades.

All Platforms

Edgewonk supports hundreds of brokers and 30+ trading platforms.

Visual Analytics

Edgewonk processes all your trading data into appealing and easy-to-understand visuals with many options on how to depict your performance data.

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Track unlimited accounts, set your account currency individually, and track different markets separately.

Trading Journal Personalize



Customize your whole Edgewonk trading journal. Create new tags, enter your setups, and tailor your journal around your needs.

Trading Journal Customize

All the Stats

Edgewonk provides all the performance metrics a trader needs. Use the filter mechanism to take a deep dive into your trading data.

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What some of our customers have to say:


If you are looking for a trading journal to capture all your setups, wins, losses & profit. Different portfolios for different trading styles, different systems this is definitely worth the money. 



Once I started to track my trades with Edgewonk, everything changed. I started to see what my winning and losing trades looked like and was able to fine-tune with confidence.



Thanks for developing an awesome journal and keep on improving and adding new features. I purchased edgewonk it helped me a lot during past 6 months.



Edgewonk provides an outstanding trade review tool. You can customise it to be as simple or complex as suits your trading style. On the odd occasion I have had to contact them, the staff have been helpful, efficient, and attentive.



This journal program is really fantastic. It's much more than logging your trades. You get control over the mental aspects to.



I have been using Edgewonk for a little over a year now and they have improved so much. A year ago there were some things that needed improvement and they have resolved them. Edgewonk now is better than ever and they are not stopping.


Track your trades to find your edge


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