Edgewonk legacy

This page contains all the information for our Edgewonk legacy downloadable desktop software

Upgrade discount

It is time to finally upgrade to our new Edgewonk online-based trading journal and experience the power of all new features and tools. 

If you are still using the Edgewonk legacy journal, you can send us an email to info@edgewonk.com with your license key and we will send you a discount code for our new and current online journal version.

Download installers:

Windows 64 bit installer (video)

MAC & Linux version (video) | If the link does not work, copy the URL into a new tab directly: http://archive.edgewonk.com/edgewonk-updater.jar


–> Your Edgewonk 2 license key can be found in your welcome email

Legacy journaling course

Multiple Edgewonk installations

Platform trade import