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Trade Data Enhancements  · 15.07.2024

Dynamic Cell Coloring, Import Functions, and Data Integrity Improvements

  • Introduced a function to dynamically set the cell color for trade comments based on their rating.
  • Updated editable columns to include the new trade comment cell color function.
  • Adjusted grid styles to apply appropriate colors for positive, neutral, and negative trade comments.
  • Fixed some missing internal Ids in database cloning functions so cloning a journal and importing something in it does not yield duplicates.
  • Set default values for Trade Type and Multiplier in Missed Trades and Trade Plans to prepare integration for the Frontend.
  • Introduced Lightspeed importer to support importing trade data from Lightspeed.
  • Added ST Global Markets import functionality to integrate more data sources.
  • Implemented a new unique ID generation for trades in imports to improve duplication handling.
  • Enhanced WeBullImporter to handle options data, including strike price, expiry date, and option type.
  • Improved Sierra Importer to include highest and lowest prices while open for trades.

Bugfixes · 02.07.2024

Minor tweaks

  • Updated shade colors in graphs to include alpha channel for better transparency handling.
  • Refactored TastyTrades Importer to simplify and enhance error handling, improving stability and robustness.

Trade System Overhaul  · 24.06.2024

Advanced Calculations, Import Enhancements, and Visual Tweaks

  • Refactored calculation of trade losses to correctly exclude breakeven and ignore For Winrate trades.
  • Overhauled custom comment filter logic for a performance boost.
  • Improved balance retrieval and calculations by implementing pagination.
  • Introduced new future symbols "CLE", "BP6", and "TYA" to Future Symbols.
  • Added support for new CSV importer in CTrader module.
  • Enhanced Sierra Importer to include commission calculation, handle comma-separated values.
  • Fixed spacing issue in Generic Import for better readability.
  • Refactored chart components for improved readability and maintainability.
  • Updated gradient color application in various chart visualizations.
  • Simplified calendar logic and fixed previous month display issues.
  • Modified session end time formatting to ensure correct recording.
  • Renamed 'Custom Comments' to 'Custom Statistics' across the codebase.
  • Corrected line and background fill colors in charts.
  • Fixed issues with line fill on all charts.
  • Fixed multiple issues in all Notebooks (Sessions, Notes, Alt Strat, ...).

Bugfixes · 31.05.2024

Repairing the small things

  • Updated display text for average holding time to use shortened versions (D/H/M).
  • Added secondary background color to custom stats cell editor component.
  • Handled null or undefined session values in trading sessions to avoid potential runtime errors.
  • Improved handling of different statement formats in Thinkorswim Importer to support both Forex and Futures statements.
  • Updated logic for event list reversal in Fidelity Importer to ensure correct order of events and improve performance.
  • Refactored FidelityImporter by removing unused imports and unnecessary null checks.

Data Import and Symbol Updates · 27.05.2024

System Enhancements and UI Fixes

  • Added support for bond data in CQG importer, converting tick notation to decimal format.
  • Introduced new future symbols "EP", "ENQ", and "MJY".
  • Enhanced CTrader Importer to handle excel sheets with variable column numbers.
  • Refactored Thinkorswim Importer to adjust price and commission handling, improving event matching and commission setting.
  • Replaced styling with Tailwind in various components.
  • Updated blog post component layout for better alignment and truncation.
  • Fixed performance day slider bug.
  • Corrected active tab switching based on button clicks.

Bugfixes and UI Upgrades · 22.05.2024

Frontend Fixes and Updates

  • Added "Request Journal Review" button to header menu, visible under certain conditions.
  • Updated textarea fields to be resizable vertically.
  • Expanded average holding time calculation to include days and hours.
  • Set "Period" and "Session Category" inputs to required in session-form component.

UI and Performance Upgrades · 19.05.2024

Import and Efficiency Boosts

  • Updated all frontend components to their latest versions.
  • Added new font.
  • Decreased space needed for many components.
  • Added Change log link to main menu.
  • Fixed Alt Strategies behaviour and adjusted colors for graphs.
  • Optimised Workflow in data aggregation resulting in less traffic for everyone.
  • Disabled grid animations in the app for faster rendering of data.
  • Fixed an issue in the performance ratio graph.
  • Fixed non-saving of grid state in sessions.
  • Refactored Filters to improve filter handling and reduce redundancy.
  • Enhanced conditional logic for the 'star' filter to handle null and false cases more accurately.
  • Added support for TopstepX Importer, enabling the import of trading data from TopstepX.
  • Introduced Charles Schwab Importer for importing trade data from Charles Schwab.
  • Enhanced Cqg Importer to handle dynamic date format changes and calculate date ranges accurately.
  • Refactored Thinkorswim Importer and FutureSymbols classes for improved code readability and efficiency.

Application and UI Upgrades · 13.05.2024

Refined Data Import and Layout Updates

  • Re-added options to import an existing Edgewonk 2 journal in the journal creation form.
  • Updated the naming of 'Consecutive Losses/Wins' charts to 'Consecutive Winners/Losers' across the application.
  • Reordered display elements in the widget-evaluation component to improve UI layout.
  • Enhanced stability and functionality of various filters by adjusting change detection and validation methods.
  • Refactored deletion process to verify screenshot existence before removal. This speeds up deletions by a lot.
  • Updated terminology in of Custom Statistics from 'Custom Comment' to 'Custom Stat' for better clarity.
  • Improved rounding method in the Journal export for more explicit behavior.
  • Updated Fidelity Importer to improve event price calculation by incorporating rounding and absolute value adjustments.
  • Optimized TD Ameritrade Importer for increased efficiency by simplifying return procedures and removing unnecessary checks.
  • Enhanced TD Ameritrade Importer to support options trades, including handling of option type, multiplier, expiry date, and strike price.

General Updates · 05.05.2024

Enhanced File Handling and Interface Optimizations

  • Increased the maximum file size for image and attachment uploads to 1.5MB. (up from 700kb)
  • Improved conditions for adding events in the "new" InteractiveBrokers to ensure direction, event type, and units are valid and non-zero.
  • Updated currency formatting in the simulator component to use 2 decimal places for better precision.
  • Modified conditions for displaying "Avg. Holding Time" and "Winning/Losing Days" in evaluation widget to only show when the display option is set to currency return.

System Reliability Updates · 28.04.2024

Component Optimization and Error Handling

  • Improved boolean condition handling in various components for better clarity and reliability.
  • Enhanced handling in Custom Comments to prevent errors and ensure proper sorting.
  • Updated form validation in trade fine scalings to enhance functionality with single entries/exits.
  • Removed hardcoded 'CALL' option Type in trade upsert component to prevent incorrect default assumptions.

Application Improvements and Terminology Updates · 25.04.2024

Application Improvements and Terminology Updates

  • Renamed 'R-Distribution' to 'Risk Distribution' across the application for clarity.
  • Updated terminology from 'Gain / Loss' to 'Return' in various components and models.
  • Simplified the average daily profit calculation in the widget for clarity and renamed it to 'Avg. Profit per Trading Day'.
  • Introduced note count display in the notes-category.
  • Added display options to the Risk Distribution chart, enhancing user control over data visualization.
  • Added Return % as a searchable property in the journal
  • Added support for balance flag in ImporterType to distinguish between importers that support balance and those that do not.
  • Enhanced Tradovate Importer with improved sorting by timestamp and filtering of trade events.
  • Updated GenericImportDriver to handle date parsing with 'T' character and improved commission computation using absolute values.
  • Corrected file extension handling in JigsawTradingImportDriver to use the correct EXCEL file extension.

General Updates · 21.04.2024


  • Added  Open quantity in to Journal View.
  • Fixed handling of zero values in commission and gain calculations when merging trades.
  • Introduced Jigsaw Trading import capabilities.
  • Enhanced Fidelity Importer to filter out entries with zero quantity, ensuring only valid data is processed.
  • Updated various field and header labels across the application for clarity and consistency, including changes from "Gain" to "Return", "Expectancy" to "Avg. P&L", and "R planned" to "RRR".
  • Minor adjustments to the minimum Unix date in the datetime picker.
  • Simplified tooltips and button code across the application.

Updates and Bugfixes · 14.04.2024

Updates and Bugfixes

  • Introduced TradingView and Trade Navigator import capabilities, including support for importing trade history and test cases to ensure functionality.
  • Added preference for month-first date formatting in Fidelity Importer to accommodate financial data formats more effectively.
  • Refactored ticket ID assignment and event sorting in MotiveWave Importer for enhanced functionality and accuracy.
  • Enhanced note handling for scenarios with no existing note groups, including automatic default group creation.
  • Update to sort Trade Sessions by start date.
  • Added support for displaying active and used lookup values in entry overlays.
  • Introduced new trade direction descriptors, changing 'Buy/Sell' to 'Long/Short' across the application for a more accurate representation of trade positions.
  • Implemented a new color scheme in the winrate component for improved visualization.
  • Added a new feature to apply filters to missed trades, enhancing the user's ability to analyze trades effectively.
  • Included main color for textarea caret to improve visual consistency across the application.
  • Revised the tooltip messages to align with the new 'Long/Short' trade direction terminology.
  • Updated the subscription method for current user information to enhance application performance.
  • Modified the winrate calculation and corrected the breakeven tooltip for clarity and accuracy.
  • Addressed the refresh token layout shift and overlay closing issues, improving user experience.

General Updates · 07.04.2024


  • Added Return of investment stats to closed trades, including win/loss rate and ROI display in the widget evaluation component.
  • Added New tooltip for EW Score explaining its significance.
  • Removed external scripts and links from index.html to enhance website performance.
  • Addressed various bugs and issues throughout the application.
  • Fixed a potential zero-division issue in win/loss rate calculation.
  • Removed public profile page feature, including all related frontend and backend code.
  • Improved the note copying mechanism for more efficient management of trade notes.
  • Fixed winrate calculation in sessions class to exclude Break Even trades from the division operation.
  • Removed the scheduled method for profile page renewal
  • Corrected logical condition in FidelityImporter to fix potential logic errors in handling events.
  • Introduced support for 'underlyingSymbol' in Interactive Brokers Importer to enhance futures and options trade handling.

General Updates · 27.03.2024

New Design

  • New UI for various features including Journal, Sessions, and Chartbook.
  • Tailwind CSS integration for styling.
  • Enhanced charting capabilities with additional analysis tools.
  • Database management improvements.
  • New category management in Notes.
  • Enhanced filtering options across the application.
  • Improved navigation and user interface elements.
  • Refactored UI components for better performance and usability.
  • Updated styling and layout across the application for a more cohesive look.
  • Enhanced data visualization and charting components for better insights.
  • Refined session management and analysis features.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Fixed issues with chart legends and data display.
  • Resolved database management and selection bugs.
  • Corrected styling and layout issues across the application.

General Updates · 17.03.2024

New Importer

  • Introduced Colmex importer for handling Colmex interface files
  • Enhanced input safety in Fidelity Importer exceptions.


General Updates · 12.03.2024


  • Improved accuracy of trade direction and event type conditions in Oanda Importer, now including more order types.
  • Enhanced date and time parsing in BybitDerivates Importer and QTower Importer for better efficiency and accuracy.
  • Refactored Atas Importer for improved code quality and readability, and enhanced statement type determination logic since their export is broken (long trades are shown as short trades and vice versa)
  • Adjusted date parsing logic in importers to handle AM/PM formats and improved efficiency by utilizing built-in methods.
  • Improved RediPlus Importer code quality and updated FutureSymbols logic for better handling of symbols and account number checks.

General Updates · 10.03.2024


  • Enhanced InteractiveBrokers Importer for better handling of futures and options, including details like strike price, expiry date, and option type.
  • Updated labels for Interactive Brokers in ImporterType to distinguish between old and new versions.
  • Implemented account number handling across various import operations, improving tracking and organization of events by account.
  • Improved futures handling in Atas Importer Cqg Importer, FxReplay Importer, IressViewpoint Importer, OptimusFlow Importer, QTower Importer, and several other importers by adding logic to strip delivery month from symbols and associate events with specific accounts.
  • Internal preparation for live notifications


General Updates · 03.03.2024


  • Increased precision of several columns in the importers to enhance numerical precision and improve accuracy for computational operations.
  • Optimized the InteractiveBrokers Importer to handle oversold scenarios more effectively
  • Simplified the process in InteractiveBrokers Importer by skipping rows where 'Quantity' is zero or null to prevent potential issues in oversold scenarios.
  • Adjusted the calculation of spread costs and daily financing fees in Oanda Importer to streamline profitability calculations and reduce complexity.

General Updates · 25.02.2024


  • Implemented checks for missing data in Thinkorswim importer to ensure the stability of the importing process.
  • Enhanced Thinkorswim importer to support new data format, including different types of trading events and backward compatibility.
  • Improved trade type determination in Thinkorswim importer for better data accuracy.
  • Updated Tradovate importer to handle both filled and canceled orders.
  • Added date format configuration in the FxReplay importer for more accurate date parsing.
  • Corrected quantity representation in TradeStation importer .
  • Updated Cqg importer date time parsing for better flexibility and improved "Status" checking.
  • Incorporated future type handling in MotiveWave importer for accurate instrument label identification.
  • Increased concurrent login limit for FTP users for more simultaneous logins.
  • Enhanced search queries to handle additional criteria for finding open trades.
  • Improved handling of alternative strategies, including detailed statistics calculations and trade details management.
  • Improved risk calculation method for more robustness to different conditions.
  • Introduced a new Profit/Loss item in the equity graph service for better financial tracking.
  • Implemented a fallback mechanism in the Trade Data Form to use the gain value for profitLoss calculation when necessary, improving data accuracy.

Website · 07.02.2024

New Website

On February 7th, 2024, we released our new website design for the homepage 

Due to the change to a new host, our old update log is no longer available. But we are going to continue sharing all updates and feature additions to the Edgewonk journal platform here. Stay tuned.


Bug Fixes · 15.01.2024

All markets

Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades. Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades. Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades.


Bug Fixes · 15.01.2024

All markets

Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades. Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades. Edgewonk works for Forex, Futures, CFD, Crypto, and Options trades.


Feature Updates · 2.02.2024

Net/Gross Profit - Performance Ratios

When entering a trade, traders can now enter their gross profit and fees, and Edgewonk then calculates the net profit.

If you are using auto-calculation or importing your trades, this is all done automatically for you. 


We also added the option to compare the different performance ratios in one chart using the "Chart Lab" > "Performance Ratio" analytics. Open the dropdown for performance ratios and select multiple options.


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