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We do not provide a free trial but we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Edgewonk trading journal, contact our support team within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund the full amount - no questions asked.

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If you are looking for a trading journal to capture all your setups, wins, losses & profit. Different portfolios for different trading styles, different systems this is definitely worth the money. 



Once I started to track my trades with Edgewonk, everything changed. I started to see what my winning and losing trades looked like and was able to fine-tune with confidence.



Thanks for developing an awesome journal and keep on improving and adding new features. I purchased edgewonk it helped me a lot during past 6 months.



Edgewonk provides an outstanding trade review tool. You can customise it to be as simple or complex as suits your trading style. On the odd occasion I have had to contact them, the staff have been helpful, efficient, and attentive.



This journal program is really fantastic. It's much more than logging your trades. You get control over the mental aspects to.



I have been using Edgewonk for a little over a year now and they have improved so much. A year ago there were some things that needed improvement and they have resolved them. Edgewonk now is better than ever and they are not stopping.


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* Price for all countries except EU and UK: $ 169 USD

Luxembourg Price (incl 17% VAT): $ 197.73

Malta Price (incl 18% VAT): $ 199.42

Romania, Germany (incl 19% VAT):  $ 201.11

UK, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Slovakia, Austria Price (incl 20% VAT): $ 202.80

Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lituania, Netherlands, Spain Price (incl 21% VAT): $ 204.49

Italia, Slovenia Price (incl 22% VAT): $ 206.18

Ireland, Poland, Portugal Price (incl 23% VAT): $ 207.87

Greece, Finland Price (incl 24% VAT): $ 209.56

Sweden, Croatia, Denmark Price (including 25% VAT): $ 211.25

Hungary Price (incl 27% VAT): $ 214.63


All prices shown are in US-Dollar

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