Edgewonk is the all-in-one trading journal


Easily import your trades, analyze your trading performance, take a deep-dive into your trading behavior, and you can even monitor your trading psychlogy. 

Edgewonk is completely customizable and works for all traders - adapt Edgewonk to your personal needs.


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Elevate your trading with Edgewonk's insights.

Avoid Mistakes

Edgewonk shows you where you are losing money and how much you are leaving on the table.


Key Metrics

Get all the key metrics for your trading and fully understand your trading performance.


Profit Finder

Edgewonk provides detailed performance breakdowns to help you improve your edge.


Best Performer

Find your best-performing trading setup and most profitable parameters to boost your profits.



Get detailed weekly and monthly reports on your trading with the most helpful statistics.




Choose from 17 different graphs and compare different performance charts and visual analytics side by side. 

Analyze your trading data with all the customization and flexibility.

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Customized Experience

Easily import your trades, scale in and out of positions, merge trades, and completely customize your trade journal view to suit your needs.




Our notebook is a complete note-taking app within your Edgewonk trading journal.

Keep a written diary, write your trading business plan, and use it in any way you want.



All the metrics a trader needs

With the fully interactive equity graph you can overlay your Tiltmeter (discipline tracking), add moving averages and switch between different performance modes.



Visualize consecutive winning and losing streaks and learn about the likelihood and impact of streaks on your trading performance.



The exit analysis graph visualizes the price development during your trades. See how close the price has come towards your Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and improve your trade understanding.



Compare your tarded instruments and markets and find your best-performing assets.



Visualize your trading performance broken down by the hour of the day. 

Switch between different intervals and see when your strategy is performing best.



Customize your journaling experience by creating your own personalized tags and analyze your trading based on your needs.




Attach up to 6 trade screenshots per trade and view all your trade screenshots in the fully interactive chartbook gallery.



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Trade Plans

Plan your trades in advance and then easily transfer them to your actual journal once the trade is active. 




The Edgewonk performance simulator takes your current trading performance and projects it into the future, providing detailed statistics about possible account growth and risk metrics.



All markets

Create separate journals for different trading accounts. With Edgewonk you can create unlimited trading journals.



Strategy Tester

The alternative strategy feature allows you to test multiple strategy variations and compare the performance to your actual trading performance.



Dark Mode

Our dark mode is easy on your eyes and allows you to use the whole trading journal platform in a dark working environment.



Profit Calendar

The profit calendar shows you your daily PnL and provides a quick overview of your daily trading activity.



Track your trades to find your edge


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