After two updates in August, we did not release any updates in September because we are working on some bigger and more long-term improvements and add-ons for Edgewonk.

And also the update which we release two days ago only contains the MetaTrader 5 integration. You can now easily import your MetaTrader 5 trade history into Edgewonk.

Read more: MetaTrader 5 import

However, we released a lot of backend-related improvements for Edgewonk as well with this update. We improved the loading time, worked on better caching so that the user experience will not suffer as Edgewonk grows and more traders use Edgewonk, worked on a lot of your bug reports (thanks for the support and the findings!) and various maintenance updates.

In the meantime, our bigger add-ons are being finalized as well. Our next two major new features that we will release over the next 2 months are:

  1. Backtester: A new feature that allows you to backtest new trading ideas easily
  2. And-filter logic: Toggle between and/or filter logic for Custom Statistics
  3. Tradingview URL integration: import your Tradingview screenshots via URL

Furthermore, we are also working on the integration of more trading platforms for easier trade import as explained here: read more

And that’s it for now. We will be back for more news and updates soon.

Happy journaling!

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