Currently in Development

On this page, you will find our current development projects and features that are in development.

We try our best to also add a timeline for some of the features, but please understand that timelines are just rough estimates and it’s likely to see the timeline being pushed back if we see the need to keep improving a specific feature.

You can view our past update roadmap here:

In Development

  • Options tracking
  • Automated Edgewonk data analysis

Platform integration

One of our main focus goals is the integration of more supported trading platforms so that you can easily import your trading history into Edgewonk.

Here we need your help. If you want us to include a specific platform faster, please send us a trade history export. When integrating new platforms, the hardest part is making sure that we can successfully import all different types of trading history. The more trade history exports we receive, the faster we will be able to integrate it.

You can send your trade history export to us via our support for: send trade history

All currently supported platforms: view here

If your platform is not listed yet, it is because it hasn’t been requested. Just use the link to the form above, send us the trade history export and we will make sure it gets added.

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