With our third update in November, we added the much sought-after feature that allows you to duplicate an existing journal and reuse all your settings easily.

In order to duplicate a journal, open the popup with your journals overview and then click on the copy icon for the journal that you want to reuse.

Follow the next popup and tick the boxes for the settings and entries you want to reuse. A new journal is then being created.

We also added a beta integration of TD Ameritrade. We explain how to import the TD Ameritrade file into Edgewonk and you can also find the template that Edgewonk expects from TD Ameritrade.

Click here: TD Ameritrade import

Since the integration still has beta status, it’s possible that issues may come up. If you experience any issues, please send us the file you are trying to import and briefly explain what happens.

Click: Contact support

We also provide an overview of the ongoing project that we are working on: click here

Happy journaling

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