Although we have not released a new blog post for over 2 months, our team has been busier than ever behind the scenes.

We have released numerous updates since our last September update. Most of the updates were not directly visible to you, but some of you may have felt the results of the updates. We improved our server environment, focused heavily on speeding up the import process, and released a bunch of updates related to optimizing loading and processing times.

But we also have some new updates that you can see directly in your Edgewonk journal.

This is what is new:

  • You can now reorder your setups, instruments, and session notes under Settings. You can simply drag and drop them around. Reordering of the Custom Statistics will be added next.
  • We added the automated profit and loss calculation to Missed Trades
  • We moved the settings of the import function directly into the Import tab to optimize usability
  • You can drag and drop your journal columns around now

We also added two new platforms to our supported platform list:

A list with all supported platforms can be found here

What’s next?

With the next update, we are bringing back our Alternative Strategies which will help you test different trading strategy approaches much faster. This is taking a little longer than anticipated, but we are almost there.

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