With the May update, we have released three main changes.

1. The much sought-after dark mode can be turned on by clicking the switch in the top menu.

2. A new Custom Statistic chart is now available under Chart Lab. You find it as a sub-tab in your Chart Lab.

3. Instead of having to choose the number of decimals, you now simply choose which markets you are going to track in your journal. Everything then sets up automatically.

You can adjust the markets you are tracking under Settings > General.

What is next?

We are currently working on a few other updates that are close to being done.

  • Integration of Interactive Brokers. You will be able to easily upload your Interactive Brokers statement.
  • Missed Trades. Track and analyze trades you missed.
  • Alternative Strategies. Easily test different trade ideas and strategies.
  • More supported platforms. Besides IB, we are also working on adding a series of new platforms over the next months.

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