Welcome to 2023 and we are starting the year with a brand new Edgewonk update. We have some exciting plans for this year when it comes to Edgewonk, new features and improvements we want to provide for you. So stay tuned.

Exit Analysis

Our last Exit Analysis graph had some issues which have been addressed with the January update.

Video: How to use the Exit Analysis

Return ROI

In the past our return metric was a sum of the individual trade returns which lead to a discrepancy compared to the traditional ROI.

In our Equity Graph we have added a new dropdown called “Percentage%” which now gives you the traditional ROI development of your trading account.

In-cell editing

To help you manage your Edgewonk data more efficiently, we added in-cell editing for the custom statistics, trade comments, instruments, and trade setups.

Now you do not have to open every trade one by one to edit all the info. You can do it directly from your journal table.

Clickable Charts

You can now click on any line chart (Equity, Efficiency, Trade Management, Winrate, Drawdown) and the specific trade for the data point will come up. This allows you to quickly review your trades and also make edits while you are reviewing your data.

We also added one new platform to our supported platform list:

A list with all supported platforms can be found here

What’s next?

With the next update, we are bringing back our Alternative Strategies which will help you test different trading strategy approaches much faster. This is taking a little longer than anticipated, but we are almost there.

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