Since our last post on the blog, a lot has happened in the Edgewonk trading journal. We have been in constant contact with many of you through our support channels and we want to thank you for your ongoing feedback. Your inputs are invaluable to us and we closely listen to our community to constantly improve Edgewonk.

Here is a summary of what is new in your Edgewonk trading journal:

Alternative Strategies

If you have been following our YouTube channel, you have seen the announcement on the new Alternative Strategies feature that has been added during February 2023.

The Alternative Strategies allow you to test variations to your existing trading setups/strategies quickly. You can find out what the most profitable trading approach is for your trading.

Here is a video demonstrating the new feature:

If the video does not load, click the link here:

Supported Platforms

One of our main focus points this year is to expand and improve our importing capabilities. For that, we keep adding new platforms to our supported platforms list all the time. Furthermore, we are continuously working on the quality of our trade importing as well. Some of you may have noticed a significant improvement in the import speed and your trades are now imported much faster. Also, the quality of imported trades has improved a lot and errors in data processing are becoming rare. We continue to improve our importing feature.

List of all supported platforms:

New Home Tab

The most obvious change is the new Home tab that greets you when you log in. A lot of you have asked for a daily profit and loss calendar and we listened. The new profit and loss calendar sits right in the Home tab and it gives you a detailed performance breakdown for the current month.

Charting Improvements

We added a lot of improvements to our analytical features and charting tools. For example, in the Performance by Time chart, we added the option to view your performance in 15 min and 30 min intervals. This is going to help our day traders to better understand their trading performance.

What is next?

Besides our ongoing efforts to keep improving our importing capabilities, we are also working on new features.

In 2023, we are finally going to add options tracking support. This has been a much-requested feature for years and we are happy to announce that we are finally ready to start our development on this front. Although we cannot provide any detailed timeline as of now, we hope to have an options tracking integration available before the end of the year – hopefully much sooner.

Another priority for us is bringing automated analyses to you. Over the last few years, we built many analytical features in Edgewonk and we want to make your performance analysis easier and more efficient so that the time you spend inputting your trading information in Edgewonk is providing even more helpful and actionable insights. For that, we are working on automating the analysis of your Edgewonk data. There is no timeframe as of now and we will update you as we have a clearer timeline.

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