Welcome to Edgewonk

On this page, you find a few tips and resources on how to get started with your brand-new trading journal.

Accessing your trading journal

After your purchase, you should have gotten an email with information on how to log in to the actual Edgewonk platform.

You can access the journal here: Journal login

Before you can log in, you have to create a new password. When you follow the link above, you find a "Forgot Password" link below the login field. Here you can set your new password.


Important: We have a separate subscription login. If you want to access your subscription portal, follow this link: Manage subscription

external link to the chargebee.com subscription portal

The password for the journal and the subscription portal are not the same.

First steps in Edgewonk

To help you get started, we made a short video for you. We show you what to do when you log in to Edgewonk for the first time.


Need more help?

If you still have questions or need assistance, make sure to check out our customer help center.

There you find our online documentation, a link to our support system, and more.


We hope you enjoy your new Edgewonk trading journal.

Happy journaling!