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System requirements

Edgewonk uses the latest technology and is being updated constantly. It runs stable on all major platforms:


Compatible with Windows

Compatible with MacOs

Compatible with Linux

Edgewonk requires Java to be installed on your computer. If you have problems running Edgewonk, you can download the latest Java version for free here: 


Direct Java download links

Download Java for Windows

Download Java for Mac

Read about Java here

Version history

  • Version 2.1 – October 13, 2016

Holding time analysis in minutes enabled, duplicating trades made easier and more efficiently, new filters for dates, new break-even statistics, MAE and MFE statistics in the Trade Analytics, column order will be remembered on new start, resolution fix implemented, and various improvements.


 Launch Version 2.0 – September 9, 2016

Launch of the new platform independent and standalone Edgewonk 2.0. Read here what is new in Edgewonk 2.0


  • Version 1.7 – February 18, 2016

New Sessions feature, easier scrolling in journal, added new Custom Statistic slots


  • Version 1.6 – December 22, 2015

Added screenshots feature, improved Tiltmeter and equity graph, re-design of Terminal, new data in performance table and improved Comments analytics


  • Version 1.5 – October 1, 2015

New performance metrics, re-design of Performance Tables, commissions analysis


  • Version 1.12 – May 31, 2015

Improved user experience, more customization, universal date format


  • Version 1.1 – May 09, 2015

A variety of new functions, easier handling, improved analytics and more.


  • Launch Edgewonk 1 – March – 25, 2015

Version 1.0 launched on March 26th, 2015


What we are working on

We are always looking to improve the Edgewonk journaling experience. Here are some new features and improvements we are currently working on:

Improving the Sessions feature

Journaling of missed trades

Adding visual analysis tools

Direct broker import


What are you missing?

What is a feature or a function that you are missing in Edgewonk right now? Or, what do you think we should improve on? We’d love to hear from you and your experience with Edgewonk. We take our user feedback very seriously and make a constant effort to integrate user ideas.

Please send your email with feedback, suggestions or feature requests to:

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