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Trading Journal




Get the Edgewonk platform and start journaling your trades with the number 1 trading journal.

Analyze strategies separately
Interactive equity graph
Improve trade management
Optimize order placement
Better trade exits
Future performance simulator
Optimal trade entries
Holding time and risk metrics
Psychology edge
Forex, Stocks, Futures, CFD, Spreadbetting

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The optimal combination of the advanced Edgewonk trading journal and our unique trader development course.

Full Edgewonk trading journal license
Access to our trader development course
Save money and get started immediately

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The Edgewonk trader development program is the first and only course that shows traders how to become better step by step.

5 modules, 21 lessons
Learn at your own pace
Advanced journaling tips
Improve your strategy
Step by step trader development
Learn how to become a professional
Direct feedback from our team
Lots of study material, videos, cheat sheets and more

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One-time payment. You only pay once and there no hidden fees.
Get access to the Forex, Stocks, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, CFD and Spreadbetting versions.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
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