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Edgewonk Trading Journal
Edgewonk Trading Journal
$ 169.00* / year
    *VAT will be added for EU customers

  • Feature List:
  • Forex, stocks, Futures, CFD, crypto, commodities
  • Scaling in & out
  • Multiple journals in one account
  • Missed Trade Analysis
  • Backtester
  • Tiltmeter
  • Trade Analytics
  • Equity Graph
  • Holding Time
  • Weekday Performance
  • Instrument Performance
  • Trade Management Analysis
  • Winrate Over Time
  • R-Distribution
  • Trade Comments
  • SQN
  • Drawdown Analysis
  • Profit Calendar
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Add Trade Screenshots
  • Chartbook
  • Future Simulator
  • Sessions
  • Notebook Diary
  • Advanced Filters
  • Dark Mode

  • E-mail Support
  • Ads

Enrollment has been paused

Enrollment in the free and pro plan is temporarily closed because we have reached the maximum number of users. Please come back in a few days. We will make new slots available shorlty.

We do not provide a free trial but we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Edgewonk trading journal, send us an email within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund the full amount.

* VAT will be added for EU customers

Price for all countries except EU and UK: $ 169 USD

  • Luxembourg Price (incl 17% VAT): $ 197.73
  • Malta Price (incl 18% VAT): $ 199.42
  • Romania, Germany (incl 19% VAT):  $ 201.11
  • UK, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Slovakia, Austria Price (incl 20% VAT): $ 202.80
  • Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lituania, Netherlands, Spain Price (incl 21% VAT): $ 204.49
  • Italia, Slovenia Price (incl 22% VAT): $ 206.18
  • Ireland, Poland, Portugal Price (incl 23% VAT): $ 207.87
  • Greece, Finland Price (incl 24% VAT): $ 209.56
  • Sweden, Croatia, Denmark Price (including 25% VAT): $ 211.25
  • Hungary Price (incl 27% VAT): $ 214.63
All prices shown are in US-Dollar

Common Questions

Once you have subscribed to the Pro plan, you can initiate your cancellation at any time. Once your subscription period is over, you won’t be billed again and your Edgewonk pro subscription will end automatically.

Please refer to our documentation: How do I cancel?

For the Edgewonk pro plan, the minimum subscription period is one year.

You can cancel any time to make sure you won’t be billed again. You will then lose access to all Edgewonk pro features.

If you want to reactivate your previous Edgewonk trading journal and your subscription, please log in to our customer portal, with the email address you have used in the past. Inside the customer portal, you can reactivate your subscription and your trading journal:


Edgewonk 3 is an online trading journal for Forex, stocks, crypto, Futures, CFD and commodity trading.

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