Edgewonk's Milestones

With Edgewonk's milestone challenges, you keep improving your trading skills and, ultimately, your trading performance.

9 Challenging Milestone Categories

Each of the 9 milestone categories is designed to help you enforce and improve a different trading skill.

Work on your mental or executional trading skills. Or simply focus on growing your trading account.

The Wonk

Enter complete trades into your Edgewonk trading journal. This milestone motivates you to keep growing your journal sample size.


Get rewarded for disciplined trading behavior and for sticking to your trading plan. Build a bulletproof trading mindset.


Challenge yourself to take the optimal entry based on your trading system and become a trading sniper.

Zen Trader

Improve your trading behavior by optimizing in-trade decisions and improve consistency.

Escape Artist

The trade exit is often overlooked, but it’s a crucial component. A correct trade exit keeps this milestone growing.

The Tagger

Utilize Edgewonk’s Custom Statistics and tag your trades with your own, personal trade tags to find your edge much faster.

High Flyer

Keep your account growing and reach new account balance highs.


Are you a true winner? Each winning trade contributes to the Rainmaker milestone.


The Champion is all about ending the trading day green. Each profitable trading day earns you a Champion milestone point.

Choose milestones based on your current trading goals, work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

6 Milestone Levels

Every milestone has 6 levels that a trader must complete in order to get to the Black level.

Keep challening yourself as you progress through the milestone levels.







Turn Your Trading Journal Into Your Mentor

Unlocking the different milestones guides you through a fun and rewarding journey.

It brings your trading journal to life and turns it into your personal trading mentor.

Edgewonk 3 is an online trading journal for Forex, stocks, crypto, Futures, CFD and commodity trading.

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