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Custom Excel

DAS Trader

Dukas Copy


ForexTester 3 / 5

FX Replay

Global Prime

IG Forex

Interactive Brokers

Iress Viewpoint

MetaTrader 4 (auto sync)

MetaTrader 5 (auto sync)


NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader 8


Optimus Flow


Sierra Charts

TD 365

TD Ameritrade

Think or Swim





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Trade Management Optimizer

Do you lose money by mismanaging trades? Edgewonk finds out if you are managing your trades in the best possible way and provides tips on how to optimize trade exits.


Easily backtest new trading strategy ideas and compare their trading performance side by side.

Milestone Challenges

The different milestones challenge you to trade better, improve your trading skills and focus on specific trading behavior. Progress through the different levels and make your journaling routine a fun and rewarding experience.

Future Simulator

The simulator takes your current trading performance and simulates potential future account growth scenarios. The simulator helps you understand the likelihood of drawdowns, losing streaks, and account volatility.

Multiple Journals

Within your Edgewonk account, you can easily create multiple trading journals.
Track different trading account separately within your Edgewonk.

Compare Graphs

Choose from a wide variety of over 13 graphs and display them side by side.
Analyze your trading on a whole new level and gain new insights.

Missed Trades

Enter the trades you missed and did not take and keep exploring opportunities to improve your trading.
The advanced missed trades analytics visualize your trading performance and helps you find your edge.

Notebook Diary

The notebook allows you to create written notes, write out trading plans, define your strategy, explain setups, or capture your thoughts.

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Session Reviews

Create new trading sessions every day/week/month to perform a detailed review of your trading performance. You can also add text to your sessions.

Trade Chartbook

The chartbook lists all your trade screenshots in a well-organized gallery format.

Scaling In & Out

Easily scale in and out of your trades. Create trades with multiple entries and exits with just a few clicks.

Emotional Analytics

Edgewonk offers a variety of features that allow you to work on your trading mindset, your psychology, and improve your discipline.


The Tiltmeter shows whether you have broken your trading rules or not.


The efficiency graph shows how many mistakes you have done in your trading.

Trade Comments

Tag your trades with customized comments to understand how to improve your trade entries, exit, and trade management.

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Performance Analytics

Edgewonk includes 12 different performance charts to dissect every aspect of your trading.


The standard equity graph provides an overview of your trading performance.


The drawdown graphs shows how significant your losing streaks were.

Winrate over time

Follow the development of your winrate over time.


The System Quality Number (SQN©) allows you to compare the effectiveness across different strategies and setups.

Profit Calendar

The profit calendar shows your winning and losing trades at a glance.


Visualize the distribution of the R-Multiple. R-Multiple is a Risk metric that helps traders better understand their risk taken.

Performance by Day

Visualize your trading performance by trading day and track your progress over time.
Switch between percentage performance, R-Multiple or account currency.

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Holding Time

Visualize the holding time of your winning and losing trades.

Weekdays & Months

Find out which trading days and months are the best and worst performers.

Trade Analytics

The trade analytics is an interactive table that allows you to dissect every aspect of your trading and compare performance metrics easily.

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