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Edgewonk Documentation & Manual

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions and help you get started with your Edgewonk trading journal.

You also find detailed explanations about individual Edgewonk features.


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Need help with:

  • Your Edgewonk installation?
  • Setting up your journal when you open it for the first time?
  • Adding your first trade?
  • Managing your settings?
  • Creating multiple journals?

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General questions

Here we answer common pre-sale questions and the most common questions we receive from our users.

Why an Edgewonk journal?
How much does it cost and do you have monthly fees?
Which markets can I track with Edgewonk?
On which platform does Edgewonk run? Can I use it for Mac and Windows?
Is my trading data safe?
Can I use my Edgewonk on multiple computers?
Can I use my Edgewonk on a cloud drive?
Can I connect my Edgewonk journal with my brokerage account?
Which payment methods do you offer?


Journal and course related questions

Specific questions about the Edgewonk journal, individual features and about our trader development course.

I lost my download link. How can I get the latest version?
I bought your trader development course. How do I get access?
Which format is the course in?
Do I need to renew my license to get new updates?

Some questions and tips around the Edgewonk features

Here we answer some commonly asked questions around entering trades and using some of the Edgewonk features.

What if I change my Stop Loss or Take Profit during my trade?
How to use Highest and Lowest price exactly when entering my trade?
Why are my traffic lights not showing?
Can I get more Custom Statistics?
How to enter trades with multiple entries and exits?

Individual Edgewonk features

If you want to know more about individual Edgewonk features and functions, please take a look at the articles below where we explain individual features step by step.


Optimizing your trades with Edgewonk


More Edgewonk features and functions