Journaling Course

A step-by-step guide through the Edgewonk trading journal. 


The journaling course is now also available in German.

The intro

In this video, we show what to expect from the course and provide an outline of the contents.

Your brand new journal

What to do with your new journal and how to get started after logging in for the first time. 

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Entering your first trade(s)

We show you how to enter your first trades in Edgewonk and provide tips for your journaling process.

In Edgewonk, you can import trades or manually enter trades. We show you both approaches and how to get the most out of your trading data. 

Managing your settings 

Edgewonk comes with a lot of customization and personalization features. 

In this video, we walk you through the settings in Edgewonk and provide tips on what to track in your new journal.

Your first challenge

With the first journaling challenge, we set new impulses and we help you utilize one of the most powerful Edgewonk features.

The goal: trade with more discipline, stop making mistakes, and improve the quality of your trading.

2 key metrics

Before we dive deeper into performance analysis, we have to introduce two of the most essential performance metrics.

We go over the Reward:Risk ratio and the R-Multiple and show you how to analyse those metrics in Edgewonk.

Better trade management

Making good in-trade decisions is a problem for many traders. What we have found is that traders leave a lot of money on the table by cutting winners too soon, letting losses run too long, and emotionally managing their trades.

In this video, we show you how the Edgewonk trade management feature can help you optimize your trading decisions.

5-minute checklist

With our pre-trading checklist, we show you how to start your trading day the right way. 

We go over some essential features in Edgewonk and how to set up the optimal morning routine that will lead to making better trading decisions throughout the day.

Post-trading checklist

With our 5-step post-trading checklist, you learn how to use your Edgewonk trading journal to set new impulses, find performance leaks, identify outliers, and gradually improve your trading by focusing on the right things.

Strategy refinement

In this lesson, we show you how to use some advanced Edgewonk features that will help you gain completely new insights into your trading strategy. 

We learn how to adjust and optimize strategy parameters to improve winning trades, increase the RRR and test new strategy variations.

Need more help?

In our online FAQ, we provide even more help for all  Edgewonk features, tabs, statistics,  and functions.

Use the search function to find what you are looking for.

Click here: Edgewonk FAQ (external link)