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Edgewonk works for all markets and all currencies.


Majors, Minors, and all exotic Forex pairs.


All global stock markets.


All Futures contracts.


All cryptocurrencies.


All CFD instruments.

Dark & Light Mode

Easily switch between dark and light mode, depending on your personal preferences.

Edgewonk is for regular and professional traders alike.
Benefit from the most advanced journaling features.

Scaling In & Out

Scale in and out of your trades with just a few clicks easily.

12 Chart Analytics

Equity graph, Holding time, SQN graph, Winrate over time, Trade management, R-distribution, Drawdown, Efficiency, Profit Calendar and much more.

Trade Management

Edgewonk helps you improve your trade management.

Future Simulator

Edgewonk shows you what your trading performance may look like in the future.

6 Screenshots

Add up to 6 screenshots per trade. View all trade screenshots in the Chartbook album.

Written Journal

Write down trading plans, organize your notes and keep track of your emotional journal too.

All Currencies

Edgewonk works for traders from all around the world. You can choose any currency in your trading journal

Multiple Journals

Create new journals with just one click and track all your different trading accounts.

Fully Customizable

Edgewonk is fully customizable to your own needs.

Journal your trades anywhere

Edgewonk 3 is a web-based trading journal which means that you can access your trading journal from anywhere in the world and from any device.

Your trading data is store securely in a cloud-server.

 Made in Germany guarantees the highest security and safety standards.

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Edgewonk 3 is an online trading journal for Forex, stocks, crypto, Futures, CFD and commodity trading.

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