This weekend, we released an update with a few improvements to your Edgewonk trading journal. Although our developers started working mostly on the upcoming options integration, as mentioned in the last update post, we continue to improve Edgewonk and still add new features regularly.

Improved analytical charting

The equity graph and most of the charts in the Chart Lab now have additional statistics below the chart area.

The charts show important statistics about your trading and help you gain a deeper understanding of your trading performance and trading behavior.

When you hover over the bars in the bar charts they now show you more information about the underlying data.

New text editor

The Notebook and the Session tabs (under Diary) now have an improved text editor. The new text editor provides more options for editing your written journal entries.

Improved Milestones

We have changed the names of our milestones for clarity purposes. You find your milestones at the top right under “Account”. The milestones are a great way to gamify your journaling routine.

Each milestone focuses on a different part of a trader´s behavior and strategy component. The milestones, therefore, enforce good trading behavior and provide an accountability mechanism.

Improved FAQ

We have also completely reworked and updated our online FAQ: read online FAQ here

The updated FAQ reflects all updates and the individual articles provide step-by-step instructions for all Edgewonk features.

What´s next?

As mentioned in last month´s update post, we are currently working on automated analyses and adding options support for Edgewonk.

Although we are still working on other improvements, our main focus is to add an automated analysis feature to your journal to help you gain a better understanding of your Edgewonk data, and to provide an options-ready trading journal.

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