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Welcome to your Edgewonk account

Please make sure to follow the steps below


  1. Choose your version:

      Windows 64bit

      Windows 32bit, Mac, Linux

  2. Please watch the installation video. It only takes 2 minutes to get started.
  3. If Edgewonk doesn’t take your license key or doesn’t load, then get the latest Java version below for free:

Download Oracle’s JDK here

Read about Java here

Get started with Edgewonk in less than 2 minutes

 If you want to create multiple journals, please rename the desktop short first  (i.e. Edgewonk-1) before running the installer the second time.

If Edgewonk, doesn’t start up after the installation, please download the alternative installer from above. This one will work on all machines.

If you want to install multiple journals, simply re-download the installer on the left and place the Edgewonk-Updater.jar file in a new folder and run it again.

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