We just released another update with a few add-ons and improvements.

Although the majority of the September update happened behind the scenes and we added a lot of improvements without you seeing them right away in your journal, we also have a few new features that will make your journaling routine more efficient.


When you select 2 trades that have the same instrument, direction, and setup, you can now merge those trades into one trade. The merge button will only appear if two or more trades with the same criteria have been selected in the journal

This feature has been requested mostly by our users who use the trade import function and then want to adjust the way the trades are shown in Edgewonk.


Select a single trade row in your journal and then click the Duplicate button to create an identical new trade row in your journal.

Session filter

In your Session tab, you can now find a dropdown menu that allows you to filter your Sessions. If you have entered a lot of sessions, this will make looking through them more efficient.

Expand your notes

Click the arrow icon next to the Notes field heading and the whole input box will maximize.

What’s next?

With the next update, we are bringing back our Alternative Strategies which will help you test different trading strategy approaches much faster. This is taking a little longer than anticipated, but we are almost there.

We are also going to expand the drag and drop reordering to all Settings.

All currently supported platforms are listed here: Supported platforms

If your platform is not listed, you can always manually enter your trades in Edgewonk.

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