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The Difference Between R-Multiple And Reward:Risk

The concept of ‘R’ or ‘R-multiple’ is popular among traders and the Edgewonk trading journal also uses this metric repeatedly in different ways. It is similar to the conventionally used Reward:Risk ratio with a few distinct differences.   Measuring Reward:Risk This is a straight forward 4 steps process: You evaluate the potential price levels for your the […]



How To Use The Updraw And Drawdown To Tweak Your Trades

Everyone ties to make better trades, ride winners longer, cut losers earlier and increase their overall winrate. But, how do you get there and what is needed to make sustainable and meaningful changes? Most traders change their approach on a trade-to-trade basis, without ever backing their changes up by hard numbers. Edgewonk can help you […]



How To Use The Trade Management Tab Correctly

A trader who isn’t working on his trade management approach is usually leaving A LOT of money on the table. From our experience, and from working with hundreds of traders, we know that wrong trade management can make the difference between a losing and a potentially profitable trader. Just think about all those trades where […]

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