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Exploring The Powerful Trade Analytics

The Trade Analytics tab in Edgewonk allows you to take a very detailed look into all aspects of your trading.

On the first layer, you get an overview of all your most important trading metrics but the power of the Trade Analytics shows once we add different layering criteria. Once you double-click on the items in the bottom left box, the item is moved to the ordering criteria at the top left and it is added as a new layer in the actual table itself.



The Dangers Of Micro-Managing Your Trades – Edgewonk Review #8

We just reviewed a new journal from one of our users and the review is a great case study for how powerful the Edgewonk trading journal is when it comes to finding your trading edge.

Although the Edgewonk trading journal has dozens of metrics and features, a trader rarely has to use everything at once. Usually there are just a few things and tweaks a trader must do in order to make the next step in his/her trading and see significant improvements fast.



The Edgewonk June 2018 Update

Some of you might have already noticed it but we just released the 2.0.30 update. After last month’s large update with many new features, this June update includes a series of smaller add-ons and an improvement of our new Interactive Brokers import.

Here is what is new:
– You can merge trades in the journal
– Exclude trades from winrate calculations
– Bigger area for personal notes
– Weekdays have been added as a layer option in the Trade Analytics



Edgewonk 2.0.29 May Update – What Is New

Some of you might have already noticed it but we just released the 2.0.29 update. After last month’s large update with many new features, this May update includes a series of smaller add-ons and an improvement of our new Interactive Brokers import.



How To Use The Edgewonk Tiltmeter

All traders know that emotions and discipline are very important influencing factors in trading. Just think about your own trading for a moment and ask yourself how your equity graph would look like if you were able to control your emotions and your discipline better!? But as you probably know, it’s not as easy as […]



How To Use The Edgewonk Sessions Tab – Usage Examples From A Trader’s Journal

During our last Edgewonk trading journal review, we noticed that the Edgewonk user was making great use of the Session tab in his trading journal. In this article, want to highlight the trader’s good practices and help other traders along the way to get inspiration for using the Session feature in their journal as well.

A quick recap of the Edgewonk Sessions tab

To begin with, let’s revisit the Sessions tab and remind ourselves what the Sessions tab is doing and what the idea behind it is:



Edgewonk Update – April 2018

We have been quiet in recent times, which was due to a lot of work behind the scenes and today we are releasing our next update.

We also want to thank everyone for the ongoing support and your feedback. Nothing goes unnoticed and we also try to improve Edgewonk based on your feedback and wishes.

Here are all the things that are new in this version:

1. The first version of the Interactive Brokers import is now available. Please note that it’s still a first beta version and not everything might work 100%. We need your feedback now to improve the import with the next update.



You Stopped Your Journaling Routine. What Now?

We frequently receive emails from Edgewonk users who seek advice about their journaling routine after they have been inconsistent with entering trades or have even missed days and sometimes weeks.

Now the question is: do you have to go back and re-enter all the trades since you left off, do you pick up now and do you have to start a new journal completely?

There are a few points I’d like to discuss in this context which will also make the purpose of a journal and a journaling routine clearer.



Break-Even Trades In The Edgewonk Trading Journal

With one of our latest updates, you can now also track break-even trades in your journal.

Being able to distinguish between winning, losing and break-even trades can be very helpful because it allows you to get new insights into your trading behavior.

Break-even trades and psychology

Besides being able to differentiate between the different outcomes of your trades, it can be even more interesting to understand how your break-even trades are created.

Although break-even trades can be a part of one’s trading strategy (moving the stop loss to break even after price moved a certain amount in your favor) emotional decision-making can also be an issue.

Especially when traders are in a losing position, many just hope that the price will return to their point of break-even to get out. This clearly shows emotional trading and is mostly not the optimal approach.



Reducing Variance To Improve Trading Profitability

In this week’s review, we will understand how to improve an already profitable system and what to be aware.

What really stood out in this journal is the impact of variance and being able to find specific components of a trader’s performance that are responsible for a significant amount of variance can be worth a lot.

Finding such specific areas in one’s trading is only possible through journaling when your trading journal allows you to break down individual components of your trading strategy.

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