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How to install your free trial step by step

Step 1 – Download your Edgewonk free trial

First, download your Edgewonk free trial. By default, most computers store downloaded files in the “Download” folder.

Download Edgewonk Trial


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Step 2 – Install Edgewonk

The installation is very straightforward: just double-click on the Edgewonk-Demo.jar file that you previously downloaded.

Edgewonk only runs properly with the latest Java version. You can get it below for free.

Direct download links:

Download Java for Windows

Download Java for Mac

Please simply install Java from the link above and everything runs without problems. 

Read about Java here



If the Java installation didn’t help, then here are the most 3 common problems and how to fix them:


1. The loading screen doesn’t go away

This has usually to do with an outdated Java version. Uninstall Java completely, then scroll back up to our Java links and reinstall it. Restart your computer and then double-click on the Edgewonk-Demo file.


2. Your computer can’t open Edgewonk

Some computers have a problem recognizing Java files. In that case, right-click on the Edgewonk-Demo, go to “Open With” and choose Java as your default app. 

If that doesn’t help, please contact us at and we will provide you with another fix. 


3. There are no trades in your trial journal

If you don’t see any trades, just take a look at the filter at the top and set them to “All” and/or use the Clear Filter button. The trade data in the trial should then appear.


Step 3 – Explore the Edgewonk trial

You are good to go. The Edgewonk trial comes with 150 pre-entered trades and you can explore all features and functions. The trial expires after 7 days.


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