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[Ebook] The 7 steps for entering the perfect trade

Perfect_TradeFinding and entering good trades should not be an accident. A problem many traders have is that they lack a consistent trading routine. Without consistency in the way you approach your trades, it’s hard to achieve consistent trading results. In this ebook, we lay out a 7 step process that helps you understand how you can find and enter better trades.


 [PDF] Our trading plan template

Trading_PlanEvery good trade starts with a trading plan. In a trading plan, you capture your thoughts, trade analysis and potential setups. A trading plan helps you add another layer of professionalism to your trading. Download our trading plan and start preparing yourself for your trading week in advance.


[PDF] Trading emotion cheat sheet

Emotion_cheatEmotions are a big part of trading and being able to understand which emotion influence your trading decisions can help you deal with emotions better. With this cheat sheet, you can easily see how your trading behavior is influenced and how to correct your decisions.



[PDF] Math cheat sheet

math_cheatWho likes math anyways? Well, we do, somehow. We compiled a math cheat sheet for all those math muffles and traders who need to brush up on their math skills a little bit. We briefly explain the most important math concepts a trader needs in his daily life.



Trade Checklist

Why are airplanes the safest mode of transportation? And how were hospitals able to improve the rate of people who recovered faster after a surgery? By using standardized checklists. As we said, many traders lack a serious, or often any type of, routine and then end up entering bad trades. A checklist helps you become more aware of your trading and it signals when you should not enter a trade. Even some of the best traders use checklists and you will see that during the Market Wizards series, checklists come up repeatedly.



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