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Edgewonk 3.0 Web-Based

Beta Application

We are happy to announce a major step in the development of Edgewonk.

In the future, we will be offering our own cloud-based Edgewonk 3.0  that allows users to access their journal(s) from anywhere, through your browser, without the need for 3rd party applications.



For that, we are looking for 15 beta testers.

As a beta user, you will get access to the new cloud application. You will directly participate in the evaluation process and your feedback and experiences will be used to shape and improve Edgewonk.

As the beta progresses, you will get updates, access to new features and be the first to see the new and improved Edgewonk journal add-ons.


The requirements for beta testers

  • Existing Edgewonk user
  • You must have a very good understanding of the current Edgewonk journal
  • You generally use Edgewonk across multiple computers and/or laptops
  • If you currently use Edgewonk in DropBox and would like to move to our cloud solution, this would be even better
  • Good communication skills
  • Ready to provide feedback on an ongoing basis

If this has sparked your interest, please reach out to us at:



What will happen to the current Edgewonk 2?

Nothing will change for the current Edgewonk 2 trading journal. 

Of course, we will keep supporting and updating it. 

We will also have a special surprise for all existing Edgewonk 2 users once the Edgewonk 3 cloud-based version is fully available. 

Just as with our generous gift at the Edgewonk 2 release, we will never disappoint our Edgewonk users 🙂