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How To Scale In And Out Of Trades In Edgewonk

In this article we explain how to enter trades correctly where you have scaled in or out of the trade and taken multiple entries and exits. We also provide some tips around tracking such trades to help you understand your trading performance in new ways.     Step 1: One row per trade portion Basically, […]



Exporting And Importing Your Customization And Settings

With the latest December update, it is now possible to easily export and import your settings and all your customizations with just a few clicks.  When you have spent a lot of time customizing Edgewonk and you want to start a new journal you can now move your settings around and don’t have to redo the whole process.  […]



December Edgewonk Update – What Is New?

The new Edgewonk 2 is now 10 weeks old and with the help of your continuous feedback – thank you for all the positive emails – we keep improving Edgewonk regularly. Today, we are releasing a new Edgewonk update which comes with a variety of new features and add-ons.

The sought-after backup feature is now available and you can easily create full database backups with just one click. You can also export your settings now and re-import them into new journals. Below you can find the list with the other new functions and improvements:



The Answers To All Your Trading Questions Are Right Here

Doubts, uncertainty and fear are 3 common emotions and states of mind that accompany traders through their trading day and throughout their whole journey. It’s what keeps traders from becoming profitable and it also keeps them trapped in old behavioral patterns, repeating the same cycle and mistakes.

Traders doubt their trading method, the way they manage trades and their own abilities as traders. They are uncertain about how to approach the market, how to manage trades, when to exit trades or how to set a stop loss correctly. And all this uncertainty and continuous doubting lead to fear – the fear that they are doing something wrong or the fear that they are missing out.



8 Metrics Every Trader Must Know About His Trading System

Not all winning trades are good and not all losers are bad and whereas no other journal can quantify the implications of process-oriented trading, the Edgewonk Tiltmeter does just that. When your Tiltmeter is red, it shows that a trader repeatedly broke his rules and a green Tiltmeter shows that he made good decisions.

By combining performance metrics with emotional metrics, trading data analysis we take trade journaling to a whole new level.



How And Why To Grade Trades If You Want To Trade Succesfully

Not all trades are created equally and there are good and bad trades – but it goes much deeper than this as we will see. The quality of your trades influences trading performance, account growth and volatility and directly impacts a trader’s emotional capital.

However, very few traders have a way of determining the quality of their trades or how to use this information. In this article, we will show you how to use Edgewonk’s features to easily keep track of the quality of your trades and why it’s so important.



How To Improve The Quality Of Your Journal Data With This Tip

anual journaling, what we do with the Edgewonk trading journal, offers a variety of benefits and whereas we have mostly talked about the mental aspects of it so far, we want to explain how you can leverage the benefits of your trading journal even further to improve your trade and execution related trading parameters.

Why automatic journaling is not helpful – and can be even dangerous[…]



5 Tools And Tips To Optimize Your Trades

Besides the emotional and mindset related features that Edgewonk offers, there are also plenty of order optimization and trade specific features that can help traders improve the way they approach the markets. In this article, we introduce 5 order specific Edgewonk metrics and show you how to use them to gain new insights into your […]

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