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2.0.42 Interactive Broker 2nd Generation Import

Today’s update 2.0.42 introduces the 2nd generation of our Interactive Brokers import function. The new import function for IB offers an improved approach to trade handling. In Settings > Broker Settings, you now find the entry “Interactive Brokers Importer Generation 2”. We recommend using this function IF you haven’t used the first version previously.   […]



2.0.41 Resolution fixes and more

Last week, we released a major update and thanks to you and the great Edgewonk community we were able to identify two issues right way.  Today, we just released another update where we fixed the issue with the popup in the Missed Trades tab some of you had. Also, when you move a planned trade […]



Trade Plans – Edgewonk March 2019 Update

Hello Edgewonk community, the much sought-after trading plan is now available in Edgewonk.  When you have identified a potential trade setup, but the final trigger hasn’t occurred yet, you can now enter your planned trades in the Trade Plans tab in Edgewonk.  This is a way to stay organized and also reduce the time it […]



Edgewonk February 2019 update

Today, we are releasing our February update.  Finally, our TradingView screenshot integration is here. Furthermore, a BIG new feature add-on is coming in the next update. You can expect something special with the next update and something that no other journal or trading software has. 



Edgewonk January 2019 Update

Hello traders and Edgewonk fans, Happy New Year!  We have just released a new update in your edgewonk journal.  This update mainly focuses on improving some background features, improves stability and we fixed a few statement-import related issues. We have been working on other features in the meantime and our next update will bring greater […]



Edgewonk October Update 2018

Hello traders and Edgewonk fans,

today we released our October 2018 update. There have been a few add-ons and improvements that we’re excited to share with you today.

Here is what is new:

1) Automatic profit/loss calculation for Stocks trading journals. You can activate under Settings when Stocks have been selected.

2) Hide journal columns

3) New statement imports have been added:

– Dukascopy
– IG (new platform imports are accepted)
– Oanda
– Sierra (new statements are accepted)
– Trade Zero



4 New Lessons In The Trading Psychology Module

We just released 4 new lessons in our Trading Psychology module of our trader development course.

The topics of the lessons are:

1. How expectations shape your trading
2. Why are you missing trades? A look behind the scenes
3. Dealing with losses and the role of mental capital
4. Goals, the role of trading in your life and finding your why

Of course, all lessons are also related to your edgewonk trading journal and the journaling routine. We also provide very practical tasks and tips on how to deal with the common struggles traders face daily. 



August Update 2018 – Profit Calendar

Hello traders and Edgewonk fans,

today we released our August 2018 update. There have been a few add-ons and improvements that we’re excited to share with you today. Here is what is new:

– In your Home screen, you now see a “Profit Calendar”. It visualizes your profitable and losing trades by coloring the individual dates.
– Next to the profit calendar, there is a new “Lesson Reminder” box. This box shows you a random lesson from your Sessions tab. This is a great way to quickly remind yourself of what you have been journaling and keep it top of mind. If you haven’t been using the Sessions a lot, this should be a motivation to dig in and make use of our unique feature.



From Losing To Winning Trader – Edgewonk Review #9

How liberating and how big of a confidence boost is it when you can actually trade profitably and that your system is a profitable one if you’d just avoid the trades you knew are not worth taking?

Many traders will nevery have such a revelation if they don’t journal their trades and they will just jump from one trading method to the next because they wrongly believe that it’s their system that is the weakest link.



Exploring The Powerful Trade Analytics

The Trade Analytics tab in Edgewonk allows you to take a very detailed look into all aspects of your trading.

On the first layer, you get an overview of all your most important trading metrics but the power of the Trade Analytics shows once we add different layering criteria. Once you double-click on the items in the bottom left box, the item is moved to the ordering criteria at the top left and it is added as a new layer in the actual table itself.

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