5 - Custom Statistics

The Custom Statistics eliminates all limitations and restrictions when it comes to tracking personalized data in your trading journal. You can not only track data that you think we should have included when creating Edgewonk, but you can also set up new Custom Statistics to tackle very specific and unique problems and personal challenges.

Custom Statistics in our online FAQ

Edgewonk comes with 11 custom statistics, which allows you to fully personalized your journal without any restrictions. Here are just a few examples of how to use them:

  • Timeframes (Daily, 4H, 1H, 30min, 15min, 5 min)
  • Trading sessions (Asian, Frankfurt, London, New York. Or: pre-open, morning, lunch, afternoon, close)
  • Market data (VIX, risk-on/off sentiment, market direction, …)
  • State of mind (Feeling great, Feeling down, Feeling indifferent, Feeling unmotivated,…)
  • News releases (GDP, earnings, NFP, CPI, interest rate decisions, press conferences, pre and post news times…)
  • Indicator settings (values or standings of indicators, divergences, overbought/oversold, …)
  • Pattern (Head and shoulders, pinbar, trendline, moving average, …)
  • Psychological factors (not enough sleep, stressed out, feeling rushed, …)
  • etc…

The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, after you have tracked your trades with some of the Custom Statistics, you can use the filters at the top to analyze your trading performance based on your personalized statistics.

Edgewonk 3 is an online trading journal for Forex, stocks, crypto, Futures, CFD and commodity trading.

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