11 - End of Week Checklist

How do you typically end your trading week?

Do you just close your trading platform, forget about your trading completely, and hit the couch?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but let’s give you a few tips on how to end your trading week in a more effective way so that you can enjoy your weekend with a clean consciousness.

A quick end of week review routine can help your learning process and allow the lessons of the trading week to sink in deeper and allow you to make progress much faster.

As mentioned in the video, we are providing a very basic template that you could use in your Edgewonk’s session tab to establish a more consistent end of week review. Of course, you can alter the template to make it fit your needs:


Best setup / best trade:


One thing that really stands out:


One thing I have to fix/improve:


Risk management recap:


General thoughts:

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